If you or someone you know is living with thyroid disease, it’s important to have access to reliable resources and support. Thyroid support books can provide valuable information, guidance, and community for those navigating the challenges of this condition.

On this page I’ll list some of the thyroid support books I have found most helpful.

I hope they can benefit you on your journey to better health.

tears behind closed doors - failure to diagnose a thyroid condition

Tears Behind Closed Doors : Failure to Diagnose a Thyroid Condition 

Diane Holmes

Are you struggling with unexplained symptoms but your blood test results keep coming back normal? It’s time to consider the possibility of a misdiagnosis. In this eye-opening book, you’ll discover how the diagnosis of thyroid disease has been influenced by factors beyond medical science.

You’ll learn about the outdated method of relying solely on blood test results and the importance of considering a patient’s symptoms. Diana’s own story of misdiagnosis will show you how proper treatment can drastically improve your health and prevent serious misdiagnoses.

Don’t let a hidden health agenda prevent you from getting the care you need. Invest in this book today and take control of your health. It could save your life.

The underactive Thyroid - Dr Sarah Myhill

The Underactive Thyroid: Do It Yourself Because Your Doctor Won’t 

Dr Sarah Myhill

Hypothyroidism ranks as a frequently mismanaged health issue within the realm of Western medical practices. The prevailing issue lies in the medical community’s focus on laboratory results rather than the patient’s array of symptoms, despite the presence of typical hypothyroid indicators.

Dr. Myhill, with the assistance of Craig Robinson, educates on the myriad of symptoms that arise from a sluggish metabolism and highlights the limitations of relying solely on blood tests for diagnosis. The book champions the adoption of lifestyle changes, the use of iodine, and the incorporation of natural desiccated thyroid when necessary. The authors also delve into the repercussions of hypothyroidism that goes untreated across various life stages, emphasizing the importance of proactive self-care in instances where medical professionals fail to provide adequate diagnosis and treatment.

Stop the thyroid madness

Stop the Thyroid Madness: A Patient Revolution Against Decades of Inferior Thyroid Treatment

Janie A. Bowthorpe

The standard TSH blood test, with its flawed “normal” range, is widely regarded as inadequate for both the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid conditions. Patients who are prescribed T4-only medications such as Synthroid or Levothyroxine often continue to experience symptoms of hypothyroidism over time. A significant number of individuals being treated with T4 or who are evaluated solely based on their TSH levels frequently suffer from a range of issues including persistent tiredness, the necessity for daytime naps, adrenal insufficiency, suboptimal iron, B12, or vitamin D levels, mood disorders, and increased cholesterol or blood pressure.

The book introduces a more effective treatment strategy, one that has been recognized by patients themselves as a means to regain their health. It highlights the collective insights and triumphs of patients in managing their condition.

Janie A. Bowthorpe, took on the role of a thyroid patient advocate in 2002, driven by her own health transformation through the use of desiccated thyroid and addressing the severe problems she faced while on T4-only medication. As an advocate, she is committed to sharing the knowledge gained by thyroid patients globally, which includes the use of combined synthetic T4/T3 therapy or T3-only treatment. She firmly believes in empowering thyroid patients to become well-informed and to initiate their journey towards health improvement.


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