Does Your NHS Doctor Refuse To Listen To Your Thyroid Related Issues?

  • Does your Doctor refuse to listen to you when you attempt to get help with your Thyroid Issue?
  • Are you told your “labs are normal” and they won’t help you further?
  • Or you are blamed for your weight gain and your Doctor tells you “Just eat less and exercise more! Your Thyroid has nothing to do with it!”
  • Struggling to navigate the maze of the NHS to get the Thyroid support you need to feel better?
  • Frustrated by feeling more ill and exhausted year after year with no help
  • Unsure how to move forward to feel better?

It can be hard to get a Doctor to listen to you when you are struggling with Thyroid problems, whether it be Hypothyroidism or after a Thyroidectomy.

This can leave you without a clear path to feeling better and reclaiming your life and health. 

You can feel like you are going round in circles and getting nowhere as the years pass by and your health keeps declining further and further

This can impact all areas of your life, relationships, family, work… all areas can suffer. Year after year…

Thyroid Support - Thyroid Recovery Roadmap

Untreated Thyroid Issues Can Lead To Long Term Health Decline

Sadly, many people find that their Thyroid issues are slipping through the net of treatment. Despite repeated visits to their Doctor you may still be suffering symptoms such as…

  • Feeling exhausted all the time
  • Struggling to stay warm with freezing hands and feet, even in the Summer
  • Weight gain – even when you eat hardly anything and exercise
  • Brain fog and confusion
  • Depression and mental health issues

Frighteningly, the long term effects of allowing Hypothyroidism to go untreated can be extreme. Here are some illnesses which may be associated with poorly treated Thyroid Disease

  • Fibromyalgia
  • ME and Chronic Fatigue
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Heart Disease
  • Aneurisms

This is why it’s crucial for your future health that you receive good Thyroid treatment

The Thyroid Recovery Roadmap Is Your Chance To Find A Way Back To Health

Thyroid Coach Helen Aldous

Hi. I’m Helen and I’m a Certified Thyroid Coach, Thyroid Patient Advocate, Hypothyroidism, Total Thyroidectomy and Thyroid Cancer Survivor.

I have over 6 years of hard won experience of navigating the NHS in my quest to get quality Thyroid treatment and have inside tips and hacks that will help you to get taken seriously and start getting the thyroid help you need

This is your opportunity to have my experienced attention focused on your Thyroid concerns, providing you with a thorough analysis and recommendations to move forward and reclaim your health.

Thyroid Support - Hypothyroidism & Thyroidectomy support - Thyroid Recovery Roadmap -

Here’s What Happens After You Sign Up:

  • Immediately after your purchase, you’ll be directed to a comprehensive assessment form to complete. This ensures I have all the necessary details to understand your Thyroid issues
  • Once I’ve received your form and reviewed it meticulously, I’ll create and send you a personalized video consultation.
  • During this session, I’ll walk you through your assessment, sharing my screen to highlight specific areas of focus, and offer suggestions for a roadmap of your journey back to health by accessing the help you need in the NHS.

In addition to a detailed evaluation, you’ll receive actionable strategies to improve your thyroid function and overall well-being, as well as tips for how to get the best from your Doctor, and any other insights relevant to your situation.

You also receive access to the THYROID RECOVERY ROADMAP PORTAL – an ever growing resource of information to help you navigate your way back to health.

Your bespoke video consultation will be delivered to you within 72 hours, allowing you to quickly begin implementing the strategies provided to finally get the NHS treatment you deserve. It’s that simple!

You deserve to feel well again…

Please note – There are only 3 consultations available at this time

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